Funeral Help Assignments increases calls & keeps families happy

Funeral Help does not require any long term contract with its funeral home partners

No long-term contracts

No setup fees, no minimums, no
monthly fees.

Funeral Homes do not need to change anything about website or business to partner with Funeral Help

Easy online process

Stop dealing with obnoxious pdf forms & printouts: we minimize paperwork

Funeral homes can create risk-free revenue by partnering with Funeral Help

Lowest fees in the industry

You have choices. Our best-in-class fee structure makes the decision easy.

How it Works

Submit information
Funeral Director inputs policy, deceased, and beneficiary info, and then Funeral Help generates custom documents for you to sign & notarize with family. Documents can be returned through online application, email, or fax!
We verify the policy with insurance company.
We handle all paperwork, legal investigation, and insurance company legwork. Over 90% of assignments verified within 24 hours. Meanwhile, funeral directors & families can focus on what’s important.
Funeral home & family get paid
We send immediate electronic payment. Funeral home gets a prepaid USPS shipping label for returning physical copies of paperwork & death certificate.

Want to save time and money while helping more families?

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