Burial Versus Cremation: Which One is Right for You?

There are many decisions that go into planning a funeral, but probably the most important one is how your loved one would like to be laid to rest. There are of course green options, but most people opt for either burial or cremation.

But what are the differences? Also, to learn more about your financing options check out our Financing Options Blog.

Pros of Burial

  • Headstone, place to visit. Burial plots offer mourners a place to visit and honor a loved one. With cremation, someone is in possession of the ashes, which could cause some tension within a family; burial won’t offer that. 
  • Easier to explain to children. When it comes to explaining death to children, burial might also be easier to explain than cremation.
  • Preferred by most religions. The Catholic Church and Judaism support burial


Cons of Burial

  • More expensive. When it comes to developing a funeral payment plan, overall, it’s going to cost more than cremation, as cremation typically costs less than burial costs.
  • Less environmentally friendly. Embalming fluids can seep into the ground and negatively impact the environment.
  • Have to have the memorial immediately. With cremation, you can delay the memorial process, but with burial, you have to act fast, meaning family members out of town or out of the country might not be able to attend the memorial.

Pros of Cremation

  • More cost-efficient. When it comes to funeral costs, one of the biggest pros of cremation is the cost, as it can be cheaper than a burial. The average cost of cremation is around $1,600, whereas the average cost of a burial/funeral is around $7,000. Note: These costs vary according to the funeral home.
  • More environmentally friendly. Even though it uses fossil fuels to cremate the body, it is more environmentally friendly, in returning ashes to the earth instead of burying a body.
  • Unique experience. Family and friends can take their time mourning by spreading ashes in different places or even planning a trip. 

Cons of Cremation

  • No cemetery plot. With no headstone or cemetery of rest, cremation offers family members no place to visit or mourn a loved one.
  • Some religions frown upon it. The Catholic Church has gotten laxer on its views regarding cremation, but some especially religious family members, including those that follow Judaism, may look down on it.
  • What to do with ashes? Some families and friends have trouble deciding what to do with the loved one’s ashes.

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