Five Unique Ways to Create a Meaningful End-of-Life Service

Many funerals tend to have the same ritual. The receiving line of family members, the flowers, and the all-around reticent atmosphere.

But what if you don’t want a standard funeral or memorial for your loved one? What if you want to do something a little bit different to honor someone you love? Here are a few ways to spice up memorial services to not only make them more interesting for mourners but to also celebrate the uniqueness of your loved one and what made them special to everyone.

5 Unique Ways to Create a Meaningful End-of-Life Service

Set up a Scholarship Fund

Flowers are beautiful of course, but they eventually perish. One way to extend the life of your loved one’s legacy is to establish a scholarship in their name. This is especially appropriate for educators, academics, doctors, etc. Instead of a typical memorial, you could have a scholarship dinner in their honor.

Create a Theme that Fits the Loved One’s Personality

Did they love to play cards? Create sets of playing cards with your loved one’s name on it. Did they have a collection of something they were proud of? Display their collections of coins, bobbleheads, mugs, whatever they loved to collect to commemorate their personality. This can be a fun way to work through your grief, as you establish a theme since you’re celebrating your loved one’s likes and loves.

Serve Their Favorite Food

Was pizza their favorite dinner of choice? Order pies from their favorite shop to serve to mourners. Better yet: Did they love a food that no one else in the world seemed to appreciate (like peanut butter and tomato sandwiches)? Serve their favorite, unique snack.

Have an Open Mic Night

At many funerals, not everyone gets a chance to say something in a eulogy. Hosting an open mic night allows and encourages family and friends to get up and say something about a loved one.  

Play Their Favorite Songs

Some songs may immediately remind you of your loved one. Or maybe there are songs that your loved one loved to play on an instrument or listen to. Put together a list of songs that conjure up happy images and memories of your loved one (and consult friends and family!) and have them play in the background of the wake or memorial.  

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