7 Ideas for a Unique Funeral Service

When it comes to traditional funerals, attendees usually know what to expect. Typically, there are flowers, quilts, and receiving lines for people to offer their condolences to surviving family members. But what if you or your loved one want something a little more unique?

Here are a few non traditional funeral ideas:

  1. Make a playlist of their favorite music. When friends and family arrive at the funeral service, they’ll be greeted by the deceased’s favorite songs, reminding them of the loved one.
  2. Plant a tree in the loved one’s honor. Instead of staying indoors, take your funeral outdoors and invite friends and family for a tree dedication in the deceased’s honor. Reach out to a local park (maybe even the deceased’s favorite one) for cost estimates.
  3. Create a cookbook of their favorite recipes. Was your loved one an avid baker or ever the family chef? Put together their favorite recipes and pass them out at the funeral home, encouraging friends and family to honor the deceased with their favorite dishes. Even better: Include family dinner photos in the cookbook.
  4. Launch your loved one into space. In death, send your loved one “where no man has gone before” by putting their ashes on a rocket into space. Celestis fulfills the dream of a lifetime, especially for science fiction enthusiasts, by placing a portion of the person’s ashes on a spaceflight.
  5. Have a grief dog for an animal lover. Was the deceased an animal lover? Invite a grief dog to the funeral to console those in mourning, and then in lieu of flowers, ask people to donate to an animal charity.  
  6. Release a Sky Lantern. Sky lanterns are a beautiful sentiment for a funeral (just make sure you have a permit to do it and to be more eco-friendly, opt for a biodegradable option).
  7. Honor a movie lover. Play a loved one’s favorite movie in the background of a funeral home and serve popcorn to those in attendance.

How we can help:

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A funeral service can be as unique as the person it is commemorating, using these helpful ideas.


  1. Millie Hue says:

    I love that you suggested having a grief dog during the service to console those who are mourning. Like you said, this is perfect for those who are animal lovers. I think my grandmother will be delighted to know that there will dogs during her funeral since she is a dog lover as well. She died because of a heart attack, so it’s really sudden. A lot of people were surprised because she was strong physically back then. It will help us have a lighter atmosphere during the service if we do this tip of yours. Thanks!

  2. Arya Smith says:

    I found it interesting when you mentioned having a playlist of the favorite songs of the deceased loved one ready to help reminisce the memories. I will definitely do this when we have found a funeral home where we will hold the service for my grandma. But I should ask my mom about her favorite songs first and also grandpa because they have been with her for the longest time. Thanks for the tips!

  3. I really loved the idea of making a small book of recipes your loved one used and handing it out at the funeral. My grandmother is getting on in years, so she’s been working on planning her funeral. I think she’d love this idea, since she is a great baker, so I’ll be sure to show it to her. Thanks for the great funeral ideas.

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