Funeral Help is a zero-risk way for funeral homes to increase calls

Funeral Help does not require any long term contract with its funeral home partners

No long-term contracts

No setup fees, no minimums, no
monthly fees.

Funeral Homes do not need to change anything about website or business to partner with Funeral Help

Zero-effort integration

No changes required: keep your website exactly the same.

Funeral homes can create risk-free revenue by partnering with Funeral Help

Risk-free revenue

We take the risk: if a borrower can’t pay, it’s our loss, not yours.

How Funeral Help works for funeral homes

Clients apply for a Funeral Help Loan
Client selects your funeral home and how much they need.
Funeral help has a quick and easy online application for borrowers.
Once an applicant has been approved and accepts a loan, the funeral director is instantly notified via email and phone.
You and client receive an instant decision email
Once approved, you must confirm the transaction.
Done! Focus on the service and we’ll do the rest
We handle loan servicing, and your funds are guaranteed even if borrower defaults.